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  • 200+ unique options
  • 26 pre-defined skins
  • 25 header layouts
  • 2 footer layouts
  • 2 (Boxed and Wide) layouts
  • 10 category grid layouts
  • Up to 8 columns in a row on category
  • 2 custom 404 pages
  • 4 kinds of breadcrumbs
  • 8 built-in extensions
  • 2 kind of switchers (lang/currency)

Check the video to get to know how easy activation of a theme should be

27 Pre-defined Demos

Seems these designs can cover any kind of businesses...
Can't find the one suitable for your business? Vote for a skin!

Fashion store

Pets Shop New Demo!

Fashion (Boxed) New Demo!

Furniture store

Universal - Food Store #2

Clothes Store #5

Design store

Fashion store #2

Clothes Store #6

Fasion store #3

Clothes Store #2

Electronics Store

Food Store #1

Sport Store

Decor Store

Fashion Store #5

Fashion Store #5 (Image background)

Hardware & Tools

Fashion Store #4 New Demo!

Grocery Store


Perfumes Store


Pharmacy Store


Wine Store #2


Clothes Store


Food Store #3


Wine Store


Toys Store

Can't find the one suitable for your business?
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Custom 404 Pages

Grid layouts

Only Universal theme offers you several different layouts which you can change for all categories or for specific one just from the admin panel.
Mouse over examples below to see how each hover of grid will looks like. Any of the the product toolbar elements (i.e. add-to-links, product name, etc..) can be hidden for every grid type.

Product Page Layouts

Header Layouts

15 pre-defined header layouts already included in theme, so you can choose one of available type.
Easily change colors, options and layouts of the headers directly from the admin panel without writting a single line of code.

The Most Powerful Magento Theme Manager

It's not just another block with tabs in magento configuration. It's standalone magento extension
where you can set different options for each category, product or even static page.

Customize Your Store More Naturally Way

Just click on an element which you want to customize and change its color/padding/font-size etc...

General Features

Universal premium theme comes with dozens of features and options which allow you to create a unique store with ease.
Simply check features list below

Allows activate the theme without headaches

Stand-alone professional module filled with tons of features for any type of e-commerce website

Any element of website can be colored just in frontend. Seriously, any element of your store

Display every detail of the texture, color or pattern of your products

Customizable mega Menu helps create professional looking menus with ease

Custom 404 pages available

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized

Save hours by using Bootstrap, framework which fits perfectly for for developing responsive projects

Universal is based on fluid grid and is optimized for all screen resolutions: desktop, tablet, mobile

A simple way to create a unique store by applying one of numerous google fonts

Attract your customers attention to hottest products with our smart labels

You can show from 2 to 8 products in a row. Value might be different for specific category

Show full size image in popup on home page, product listing and product page

Theme comes in a boxed or a wide layout, and can easily be switched in the admin panel

The future of the web is mobile design, boost sales by making your website available to mobile users

Theme is fully compatible with magento translation extensions

Choose one of available top cart layouts and hide or display any element of top cart

Our module allows to edit font family and size for any font of your store

We included several smart widget to make creation of store faster and smarter

Ajax Features

All the newest successful online stores are based on ajax technology. It allows your customers focus on buying products instead of waiting while pages load. Our template is equipped with most popular ajax features such as: "Ajax add to cart", "Ajax add to compare", "Ajax Add to wishlist", "Ajax Login", "Ajax lazy load", "Ajax infinity scroll", "Ajax layered navigation". It doesn't just support additional ajax extensions but has built-in our own "Ajax Kit" extension.

Let your customers buy your stuff with ease. Forget about page reloading!

Add your favorite products into comparing list without reloading page!

Let your customers get into their accounts using ajax!

Plugin works straight out of the box, lazy loading your images as soon as you activate option

Let your customers to see all products on just one page

Allows your customers sort and filter products using ajax

Allows using toolbar without page reloading

Custom Widgets

Make configuration of your store easier by using our powerful widgets
Simply insert one of available widgets into static page or static block to show your featured products, promo banners, social icons, etc.

Allows to put any static content into tabs ob static pages

Configure updated Facebook plugin just in your admin

Show your latest posts on any page as slider or simple list

Increase customer interactivity by welcoming your clients via Popup message

Our module displays random set of product reviews from your store on any page!

Advertise your clients with your hot-offers slider banners

Display your hot offers or even specific product by our product widgets

Use our perfect solution for all of your social sharing needs!

"Latest Tweets" is a sleek module which can be used to fetch your Twitter statuses in real time


We included several multi-functional modules and plugins that will make your store more user-friendly, functional and eye-catching.
All of them will help you to start your own online store right now!

Create different background slider for each page, store using theme options

Showing end-time of your sale will hurry up make your customers and increase your store sales

After theme installation you will get Google map with your store/warehouse location

Universal magento theme is competely compatible with IWD onepage checkout free module

You get excellent revolution slider module with drag-n-drop admin module for free after theme purchasing

Provide more user friendly search results in search engine by using Google Rich snippets modules developed by pro's

Module allows you to customize your store just from your frontend and take website development to absolutely new level

Show your configurable product in different colors, designs, shapes on product listing in widgets, and on product page